February 4, 2019 Make a Good Sale of Used Panties and Use PayPal for the Payment

Make a Good Sale of Used Panties and Use PayPal for the Payment

 You can start to sell the used panties to gain that extra smoothness in life. These panties are source of fantasy for some people and others love to see someone wearing the used panties. Hence these goods are bought at a good rate. Once you have decided to sell the panties that you have already worn, start preparations for the same. You need to open a PayPal account and then sync that account with your bank. Need not worry as the buyers will not back check with the bank where you have an account connected to the PayPal.

Posting ads with pictures

The next step is to post the ad where you are announcing the event – to sell used panties! Try to use the ads to bring in people to your site and then get to sell them with ease. There are some sites that do allow you to sell your goods through their site. You can use these sites too and make good about the whole selling proposal. You will need some good photos of the panties that you are going to sell.

Take some pictures that will show the panties from up close and if you are selling them in a batch of 3’s. If you are selling them in a batch, make sure you get a close picture of the box and the contents. You can also add the content’s picture separately but they must be the same ones. This way your customers will find your ad to be authentic.

Make a Good Sale of Used Panties and Use PayPal for the Payment

Undies and the buyers

You can do well if you mention in your ad that you are sending the panties in bags that are going to retain the freshness of the undies. The people who buy these goods would like to get the smell and that is the reason you can assure that these are used as you wore them for 2 – 3 days to add your unique smell on them.

People who sell such items online prefer to use an alias name and never give off their real name. You should also not give your address or phone numbers as your selling point should be on the site through which you are selling. The buyers may have many questions and you can answer them professionally. This way you will find that to sell used panties can add some spice in your life and a lot of money to your bank account.

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